IV Contrast Shortage

IV Contrast Shortage 😬

Yep. There is officially a national shortage of IV Contrast. So it’s important to know the sensitivity of specific scans with and without contrast. Here is a table to help with knowing how to slightly adjust the type of scans you are ordering temporarily during this shortage.

Anticipated Shortage: 3-6 weeks 🤷‍♀️

Remember Sensitivity is the probability of a test correctly identify patients with disease (be sure to check out Pocket Passed: Nurse Practitioner Book for more board review definitions and questions 🤓).

It’s VERY important to take into account the patient’s physical exam, laboratory findings, vital signs, and history…WITH the CT scan results! 

How is the facility where you are work handling this IV Contrast Shortage?!?

Now can we please have no more shortages! 🙏 

Lauren (@np.lauren)


Data Collection Credit: Dr. Bedolla @usacsolutions

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